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My Thoughts After 12 Weeks Of Sweat With Kayla

My Thoughts After 12 Weeks Of Sweat With Kayla

Final week, I accomplished the primary 12-week round of Sweat with Kayla, which is a high intensity interval training exercise program. When you’ve been on Instagram for a hot second you probably are very conversant in the insta-well-known fitness trainer, Kayla Itsines and her Bikini Body Guide BBG for short. There’s a massive community who comply with her workout guides to some pretty transformational results. She’s acquired a very optimistic vibe and her focus is definitely on utilizing fitness as a vehicle confidence to not achieve one body kind, which clearly I dig.

I had been hemming and hawing over whether to attempt it out for a very long time, however after I was on the brink of move in December I realized it would be a good time to attempt it.


One of many largest reasons I wished to start out this program was because it required minimal equipment. As I was moving to Nantucket, I okaynew I didn’t wish to pay for a gym membership because they are silly expensive here.

I additionally really appreciated the idea of having a structured, progressive information to follow. The app is like having a mini personal trainer in your pocket.


Definitely worth the $20/month subscription price ticket for the app and program



The exercises themselves had been really challenging, which whereas I did them I hated however after I appreciated
I like/hated that they acquired progressively harder so just once I mastered 10 burpees I had to start doing 15
It received me within the behavior of stretching after exercises which I’ve virtually by no means completed in my life (whoops)
Following the program definitely saved me a ton of money on a gym membership because I used to be able to do the exercises in my basement
Whereas I might not have undergone an enormous transformation in 12 weeks, I definitely notice rather a lot more definition in my abs and I really feel loads more muscle in my legs, once more not ripped but I do see the progress – I think if I were to keep going I’d eventually see more outcomes

Although I used to be able to do most of the workouts with minor modifications in my basement I really do miss going to an actual gym. There’s something about being in that house, for me a minimum of, that get’s me motivated and excited to workout.
I would do the exercises after work and I started to dread it. I feel if I had been able to go a gym to do them, a.) I’d have all of the gear I needed b.) I’d push harder because of the environment.

I’ve been enthusiastic about this a lot. I had initially planned to finish the 12 weeks then determine if I wished to repeat BBG 1, go on to BBG2 or explore another fitness interest.

Lately I’ve started to incorporate a pair quick runs into my week and I’ve been loving it. Running on Nantucket is like no other running. There are so many stunning trails and I just feel so invigorated afterwards. I miss feeling that psychological clarity of running just to run. No fancy watch. No race to train for, just sneakers on the pavement, the dust, the grass, the sand.

Which means for the foreseeable future I’m going to include some running into my morning routine and make a goal of discovering more ways to maneuver all through the day. Oh and rollerblading because I really freaking love rollerblading!

I like being able to push myself via a challenging workout, but I equally love being website (please click the following page) able to move for the sake of shifting because it feels good.

I do know sooner or later I’ll get a little restless and wish some sort of objective or structure and when that point comes, I’m really excited to comply with my gurl Beverly’s brand new health guides – but I’ll also spring for the gym membership too because… well…. okay… it’s totally worth it (sorry wallet).